Happy New Year
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A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all! We'd like to thank you all for the continued support and wish you all the best in the coming year.

Kicking things off the right way with another killer track from Res, Datkid and Upfront of the mighty Split Prophets. Some of the best UK Hip Hop around right now and this track is a great example of that! Have a listen... One love.

£15 On All T-Shirts!
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We're feeling rather festive here and as a result have just slashed the prices on ALL our men's and women's tees down to just £15! That's including p&p too!

So, if you're still a few Christmas presents short or just fancy a new t shirt yourself then now is the time to buy! Order before the 19th and you'll receive your items before Christmas Day. Head on over to the shop now to see what we've still got available.

Much love to everyone and have a very merry Christmas.

Antidote Autumn/Winter 2012
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We had a few unexpected hold ups with getting this drop together, but here it is! Earlier in the year we released the 'Caps' tee and crews which went down really well. We had a lot of requests for the same design on white, and also for some ladies sizes. Happily, we obliged and have now released 'Caps' on white and in a few sizes to suit the fairer sex.

We also have two brand new designs; first up is the camouflage logo tee, designed specifically to assist you in your covert activities whilst ensuring you remain looking fly throughout! Available in both black and white. Second is a dope design from our boy, Khoi. Who's been on fire this year with some incredible progression seen in his work.

All items can be found in our shop.

A few photos from the weekend
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A few weeks back we spent the day skating around Bristol. Checked out a few spots such as the 'ghetto spot' under the M32 which has some potential! Anyway, we had a great day and got some rather lovely photos, so here they are! Photography by Adam Reid.

Soulful Creative
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Say hello to Soulful Creative, the newest addition to our friends page! These guys (and girl) have got some serious talent and a great range of styles. From incredible photorealistic graffiti, to sickening letters and on point character design both in the digital and physical realms. For more info check their profile. Here's a few of examples of their work.

St Werburghs Graffiti Jam
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Yesterday we headed down to St Webrurghs tunnel in Bristol for an all day graffiti jam. Proceedings started at 8 in the morning although we didn't get there until a bit later! It seemed wrong to be spending a few hours in a dark dingy tunnel whilst the sun was out shining over the rest of Bristol. We think the art work made up for it though!

There was a great atmosphere, met some interesting people, lots of great art and no police which was nice! Anyway, enough chat, here's a few photos. Sorry to the artists whose pieces we missed, it was quite difficult to get a decent photo of everything and some pieces were still in progress when we left.


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A big welcome to Dirty30, the latest addition to the Antiodte fam! You may have seen his iconic face around many cities both in the UK and further afield. He has collaborated with many big names and held exhibitions all over the world. We're looking forward to getting some collaborations going with him later in the year hopefully! Stay tuned.

Cretin Collective Interview
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We caught up with the newly formed Bristol based creative outfit 'Cretin Collective' on a particularly cold day in early February. They were busy painting a wall on Bristol's North Street opposite Upfest gallery, who recently hosted their first collaborative show 'Cretin Invasion' (see two posts below for photos and details). Here's what they had to say for themselves! We arrived slightly later than planned, so sorry the photos don't show the progression of the piece too well.

A: First of all, who/what is the Cretin Collective?

SP76: After a busy year of completing collaborative projects together SPZero76, Loch Ness and Squirl have decided to form their own crew, which already features their combined art styles but creates a banner for them all to feature under. As with their work over 2011 they will continue to work alongside loads of amazing artists, crews, businesses, projects and galleries, just under the guise of Cretin. It’s time for the Cretin Invasion!

A: Any reason behind the name?

SQ: Cretin as a word used to have quite harsh connotations, but we are not using it to be controversial or unkind. It is a title that makes sense for three artists whose characters, and comic book inspired artworks never seem to grow up! In our own ways we all forgot to move forward and start taking ourselves very seriously (like artists are supposed to).

A: So what are you doing down here today freezing your collective nads off?

LN: We’re trying to have fun painting a mural in the cold; and promoting our exhibition which is currently running at the Upfest Gallery in Bristol.

SQ: We are working without a plan over the work of Cheo which to be honest is a bit painful. I'm a big fan of his work, so covering him up with our cretinous doodles feels bad. The cans are freezing, its hard to spray with gloves on and SPZero76 is getting very angry with his character today! hopefully it will turn out alright!

SP76: My painting wasnt going well, so I was getting angry with the art, not anyone else! Ha!

A: How did you all meet in the first place and how did CC come to be?

LN: I actually met SPzero76 at a group exhibition at Weapon of Choice in 2010. We spoke about the possibility of working together in 2011 and it basically went from there. 2011 went reasonable well for both of us, we started building up work and creating more murals around Bristol. We were both part of Collaboration Nation and were asked to create a Secret Wars Team for Upfest 2011, that’s when I first met Squirl.

SQ: SPzero76 got in contact with me after seeing a design i had done for a mambo competition, and asked me to get involved in collaberation nation which he runs. It's a great project and has introduced me to loads of really talented illustrators and artists including Loch Ness. We got together as a three to take part in 'secret wars' at Upfest 2011 where we somehow managed to win. From this point we have worked together quite a bit, and that is why cretin collective was formed.

SP76: When I was organising Collaberation Nation 2 I chased some of the best artists who entered the Mambo Surf Deluxe tee comp on Facebook and stole them for the Collab! Squirl was one of those!

A: Loved the recent show at Upfest gallery, have you got any other shows planned for 2012?

SP76: We dont have anything planned, but we are all gonna paint like crazy and create something even more amazing for the next show plus we will be looking to get involved in more group shows!

LN: Not sure at the minute to be honest, we’ll just see what 2012 brings. It’s always great to exhibit your work to the public and I’m sure Cretin collective will be showing more of what we can do over the next year.

A: Your styles are all different but compliment each other nicely. How do you go about creating a collaborative canvas or wall? Does one person do the background, two concentrate on the foreground or what?

SQ: To be honest it's always a little bit organic, one of us starts a piece, and the other two add to it. The end product is based on a combined understanding of composition, characters, colour, and what we want from a piece. The quality of the end product Is generally a matter of luck really!

A: What are your favourite mediums to work in and favourite places to paint?

LN: I usually use pen and paper but do expand into the digital realm at times. I love experimental with paints and Spray cans especially when creating murals and pieces for exhibitions.

SP76: I love drawing the most, but I'm starting to love painting in acrylic and emulsion on canvas! I still feel that I need to practice a lot with spray paint, and I really wanna play with watercolours more too over the next year.

SQ: I'm most comfortable with a pencil, paper and an ink pen really, as that is what i have used since i was little. Nowadays I do quite a bit of work using the computer and the wacom, but when I'm making paintings it's generally with spray paint. i still have a lot of learning to do, and try to get in as much practice as I can, so that when I put work in front of people it isn't too embarrassing!

A: Favourite artists?

SQ: I've always admired Leonardo da Vinci for the way he was always forward thinking, and tried his hand at just about everything from sculpture, to engineering to unbelievably good drawing. Since making the decision to be a self employed artist I'm constantly looking around at other people who are working now, and being inspired. I'm lucky enough to have worked with some brilliant artists already, and I always get something from the collaborative process. I reckon we are right in the middle of a period in time where there are a massive number of talented artists, illustrators and designers, and it's really hard to stand out from the crowd.

LN: That’s a hard question, there’s too many great artist’s out there! When I was growing up I got hooked on DC & Marvel graphic novels, especially the work of Stan Lee. I then got into Tank Girl and the works of Jamie Hewlett. However, there’s so many great artists in Bristol which I admire the work of and always inspire me. Bristol has a great scene and it’s always great to see graffiti by Bristol’s best everyday as you walk down the street.

SP76: Yeah I agree with Loch Ness! Too many great artists, I couldnt possibly narrow it down to just a few!

A: Do you have any major goals you'd like to achieve as a collective?

SQ: Cretin has a lot of potential to move forward in all kinds of directions. At the moment we are just strolling along and seeing where it takes us, but to me it makes a lot of sense to be working with these two, as we get on! And nobody thinks they are above anybody else. we are coming from a similar place, and that can only be good for the future.

A: Anything else coming up you'd like to tell us about?

SQ: We are going to be doing a lot of stuff with 'Cretin and Special guests' where we will be collaborating with chosen artists from all over the world. People we all appreciate, and who can bring something different to add to our pieces. Simon Mitchell was in on the Upfest exhibition as our first special guest, and did some great stuff with Loch Ness. Keep your eyes peeled for more of these collaborations. Im really excited about some of the people we have lined up! Other projects, exhibitions and things will definitely be popping up too.

Also make sure you 'like' the Cretin Collective Facebook Page to keep up to date with what we're getting up to!

A: Any shout outs?

SP76: Thanks to Upfest for the show and many other oppurtunities, and to Antidote!
Thanks to Cheba and Sam at Weapon of Choice for helping me get my art out to a wider audience in the first place and helping me get back on this scene. And a big thanks to Squirl and Loch Ness for being great guys and good friends, and making my art look better! and a final Thanks to Cheo for not hitting us when he was watching us ruin his piece!

LN: Thanks to Upfest Gallery for allowing us to exhibit our work, it was a great pleasure. And thanks to Antidote for the interview.
Thanks to everyone who’s taken an interest in our work, and these guys for always pushing me to take my work to the next level.

SQ: Shout outs to SPZero76 for introducing me to all of this, and drawing me out of my hermits cave in a distant land. Loch Ness for wanting to work with me! And for his amazing ability to bring collaborative pieces together. Upfest gallery for putting on our first joint show. All of the artists i have had the pleasure to work with so far, and all those i will be working with in the future.

All Caps
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It's been a while but we finally have some new products to show you. This one has taken us far too long to get out, after having multiple delays for one reason or another, but here it is!

We wanted to do something graffiti related to show our love for writers, bombers and taggers the world over. We could have come up with some kind of crazy 'Antidote' wildstyle print, but instead we decided to pay homage to the humble spray cap that makes it all possible. So here's to you, skinny caps, fat caps, pink dots, orange dots, German, NY,  - We love you all!

Available on both t shirts and sweats, and remember we offer free shipping on all UK orders!

Cretin Invasion Upfest Gallery

This Friday saw the opening of a new show in Bristol from SPZero76, Loch Ness, Squirl & Simon Mitchell, who have recently joined forces to create a new crew, the Cretin Collective! The show 'Cretin Invasion' features a really good mix of both solo work and collaborative pieces which we found to be really refreshing. Each of the artists styles compliment each other perfectly to form colourful and intricate pieces full of energy.

As well as larger scale canvases there are also a few prints and some smaller canvases available for those on a tighter budget! We would thoroughly recommend checking it out if you're in the area. In the mean time here are a few photos to wet your appetite! Upfest Gallery is situated at 198, North Street, Bristol BS3 1JF. The show runs until 12th February.

Cheo Show - Weapon Of Choice
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Weapon Of Choice gallery kicked off 2012 in style with a new solo show from Cheo. 'Yet Another Cheo Show' which opened on Friday night boasts a variety of new work from the Bristol based artist. Spray paint features throughout although he has included a greater number of pieces in other mediums than we have seen in previous shows, which is always welcome. Also a lot of the canvases are smaller than we have seen in previous shows, which makes for some very affordable pieces!

Personal favourites for us were the 'Uranus is Under Attack' print and the smoking bird painting. Here's just a few teaser shots from the show, by no means all of it! If you would like to check it out in person then you have until 20th February to do so. Weapon of Choice Gallery is located at the bottom of park street in Bristol, underneath Fifty Fifty.

Fifty Fifty Advert 2012 - Korahn Gayle
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Check out this beautiful new edit from our friends at Fifty Fifty in Bristol. Featuring some seriously slick skating from Korahn Gayle. Enjoy!

Weapon Of Choice Xmas Group Show
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weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

So on Friday we braved the cold and went down to the opening night of the new group show at Weapon of Choice in Bristol! We met some cool people, admired the artwork and enjoyed a couple of beers and a mince pie, what more could you want for christmas? There was a wide variety of work inside in many styles and mediums from artists including Cheba, Khoi, Spzero76, Cheo, Sepr, Silent Hobo, RPM45, Loch Ness, Lokey, Andy Council and Squirl to name a few! Our favourites from the show were the (blonde) girl canvas from Silent Hobo with real leaves embedded at the bottom (not sure if that shows in the photo!), and the owl on the bottle from RPM45. Not to take anything away from any of the other artists - it's all pretty darn sick! Really worth checking out in person as the photos really don't do it justice, plus there's a few pieces we couldn't get decent photos of.

The show comes down on Monday 16th January 2012 so there's still plenty of time to check it out. Weapon Of Choice Gallery is located at the bottom of Park street below Fifty Fifty skate store. Big ups to the guys at Weapon of Choice and all the artists for supplying us with a steady supply of great shows and work throughout the year, and we're looking forward to seeing what they have in store for 2012!

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

weapon of choice bristol xmas group show 2011

Split Prophets
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We're loving this Bristol hip hop collective lately so thought it was only fair we spread the love! They've recently dropped their EP 'Scribbled Thoughts', produced by Krate Krusaders - which can be bought here. These guys supported MF DOOM the other week and we really think they'll be going places so make sure you keep an eye on them and check out their other tracks! Fresh UK hip hop right here...

Extension Of Self
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Extension Of Self is the newest release from Redlight, featuring some of the South West's finest skateboarding! Since the launch of Prism around this time last year the crew had made it their mission to make a new 'full-length' online film due for release at the end of Summer 2011. This edit definitely delivers! With tight editing and equally as tight skating from the likes of Ryan Chamberlain, Josh Arnott, Mark Pritchard, Jason Lewer, Billy Lee-Kerr, Ryan Evans, Matt The Whale, Jay Kerwin and Dan Wileman to name a few! Sit back and enjoy...

King Of Paint September Show

As a pre cursor to the Jim Starr show opening on the 16th September, King Of Paint have put together a little exhibition of works from a number of local artists including Nick Walker, China Mike, Banksy and Paris. There's some really great pieces on show so be sure to check it out! Much love as always for King of Paint holding it down in the bear pit.

Fresh Colours
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We are pleased to announce that we are (finally) re-stocked on our newest line of t shirts! Plus, two new colours for The Hills Have Eyes design by Bristol based artist, Loch Ness! Have a gander...

See No Evil 2011
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Over the last week we have seen the transformation of one grey and neglected city street in the heart of Bristol into what is now the biggest permanent street art project in Europe. Artists from all over the globe descended on Nelson St for See No Evil, a week long urban art and music festival. It was a great weekend, the weather was mostly dry and the crowds were large. As far as we could tell everything went off without a hitch! Hopefully the council will see the benefits that these kinds of events can bring to our city and we will have more projects like See No Evil in the future! It has helped to reinforce Bristol's reputation as a centre for graffiti and street art. Well worth checking out if you couldn't make it down over the weekend!

See No Evil
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month you will have probably heard about See No Evil. A week long free street art and music event taking place on Bristol's Nelson Street from August 15h - August 21st. Featuring some of the best known street artsits and writers from around the world, this will be the biggest permanent street art project not only in the UK but all of Europe. Artists taking part include Inkie, El Mac, Mr Wany, Shoe, Aryz, Sickboy and Tats Cru, with more to be announced! Bristol is already renowned worldwide as a centre for graffiti and street art and this event will add to that growing reputation, transforming the usually drab, tired and grey looking Nelson St. into a vibrant and interesting road. Not only will there be some amazing artwork going up but also club nights and music from some of the regions best promoters. On Saturday 20th there will be a free outdoor party from 12pm 'till 9pm with 3 stages, five bars and live painting and tattooing, workshops, food stalls and street performances. It's set to be absolutely wicked event so it's definitely worth a trip down. We'll see you there!

New Tees for Summer 2011!
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We are proud to announce that we have released our new tee designs for 2011. One from Loch Ness and one based on the Antidote logo from ZYNK. These are the highest quality certified fairtrade cotton t shirts, using screen printing methods and materials certified by the soil association. Stock is still low after almost selling out at Upfest in June, but we assure you will be fully stocked in all sizes and colours within the next couple of weeks, so sorry if the shirt you want is sold out! We have the new designs in both men and womens sizes, and a variety of colours, take a look at our shop to see the full range.

SPZero76 & Loch Ness Weapon Of Choice Show
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The new show from these two Bristol based artists opened on Friday and we went down to take a look. After weeks of anticipation the exhibition did not disappoint! The show features predominantly colourful and bold artworks from both Loch Ness and SPZero76, whose styles compliment each other nicely. With prices ranging from a tenner up to a few hundred pounds there is something for everyones price range, although we will not be surprised if many of the pieces are already sold given the quality of the work. The show is running until the 8th of August so there's still plenty of time to check it out. Weapon Of Choice Gallery is situated on the steps at the bottom of Park Street in Bristol, under Fifty Fifty. Here are some photos of many, but by no means all of the artwork. However, it must been seen in person to appreciate fully - so get on down there!


SPZero76 / Loch Ness Exhibition at Weapon Of Choice Gallery
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If you're in Bristol this weekend be sure to check out the opening night of the new show from SPZero76 and Loch Ness at Weapon Of Choice Gallery! It opens on Friday July 15th from 6 til 10pm. Loch Ness and SPZero76 are two Bristol based collaborators whose work can be seen adorning the walls in many venues across Bristol. SPZero76 has a crisp and playful style, with inspiration taken from street art and graffiti, often capturing a humurous moment in time. Loch Ness portrays the lives of strange musical creatures living on an imaginary island called 'Monsterville'. His work can be described as psychedelic, intricate, colourful, strange and dark. This has been a blinding year for Weapon Of Choice gallery and this is the latest in a long list of excellent shows from the gallery, now situated on Bristol's Park St. this is not to be missed! Although if you can't make it down on Friday, it will be running until August 8th so there's plenty of time to see it. We can't wait for this so see you down there!

Summer Skate Sessions - Emersons Green

Here's a fresh edit from Redlight featuring footage from Summer Sessions at Bristol's newest skatepark - Emersons Green, built earlier this year by Maverick Industries. Featuring skating from Dylan Hughes, Andy Coleman, Nicky Howells, Jess Young, Taylor Oakley, Caradog Emanuel, Matt the Whale, John Fisher, Gustave Savy, Ollie Lock, Jason Lewer, Ian Devine and many more. Enjoy!


Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival
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What a weekend we had! It was the first time we'd run a stall of any description and it's fair to say we learnt a lot. We must have done something right though because our new T shirts were selling faster than we could box them up at times! We met some fantastic people, saw some mind blowing artwork and, all in all, had an awesome weekend! The festival had a really relaxed atmosphere, no trouble anywhere and positive creative vibes could be felt throughout! We had Loch Ness drawing for us live on our stall on Saturday, on Sunday he drew with the Collaberation Nation team who went on to win Secret Wars so congratulations are in order to him and the rest of the team! A picture can speak a thousand words as they say, especially with an event such as this. So here's a selection of photos from the weekend. By no means all of the artwork or anywhere close but a little taster if you couldn't make it down. Thanks to the organisers for putting it all together, the artists for their brilliant work and DJs for the tunes! We absolutely cannot wait for next year, which we are sure will be bigger and better than before.


Upfest 2011
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This year's Upfest is almost upon us and we are very excited indeed! We will have a stall on both days of the festival (4th & 5th June) and will be releasing two new t shirt designs, so come say hello and buy a shirt before they go on general sale! For those that don't know, Upfest is the biggest urban and street art festival in Europe, and is situated right here in Bristol. From humble beginnings, the festival has grown massively and is now firmly established as one of the premier events on the graffiti and street art calendar worldwide. This year will see over 250 artists from all over the globe descend on south Bristol, as well as 40 DJs and numerous stalls. Not only is it a chance to see some very talented street artists at work, but there are also graffiti workshops, paint and beatboxing battles and all sorts of other fun happenings to get involved with. The event always has been and is still completely free, so there's really no reason not to attend! On top of all that, Upfest raises funds and support for children's charity 'NACOA' (The National Association for the Children Of Alcoholics) through donations and sale of artwork on the weekend. So take some extra cash with you to show your support and pick up some sensibly priced artwork. Here's some pictures from last year's Upfest to wet your appetite. See you there!

Paris Show @ King Of Paint
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On Friday we took a trip down to King Of Paint to check out the opening night of the new Paris solo show. It was a great night, the show "Come And Join The Future" features a variety of different styles from one of Bristol's most renowned street artists. The work is affordable too so it's well worth a trip down! The guys at King Of Paint are doing a great job in helping to rejuvenate The Bear Pit and it's really starting to show now. With new shops springing up, noticeboards for flyers and local information, and wonderful artwork on the walls.

Straight Outta Charleston
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Funky fresh new tune from Ewan Hoozami. Fully mastered and available to download for free! What a nice bloke, eh?

   Ewan Hoozami - Straight Out of Charleston (FREE D/L) by Ewan Hoozami

Sherlock Ohms
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Sherlock Ohms is a DJ from Bristol. He has always had a love for music, particularly soul, funk, hip hop, reggae and breaks. It was only in 2008 that he decided to unleash his arsenal of tunes unto the unwitting public. Since then he has graced the airwaves of Big Chill FM and Purple Radio, the stages of Festinho Festival and DJ booths up and down the country, playing alongside the likes of DJ Moneyshot, Ugly Duckling and Boca 45. From chilled sounds through to party starting bangers there's a reason they call him 'No Shit Sherlock. Here's one of our favourite mixes from him. Read more here.

   Sherlock Ohms - The Casebook Begins by Sherlock Ohms

Stolen Painting
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This painting by Loch Ness was recently stolen from The Elbow Room on Park Street, Bristol. If you happen to spot it anywhere get in touch!

Weapon Of Choice Gallery Group Show
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We made it down to the new Weapon Of Choice Gallery last night for their opening group show. The new shop is under Fifty Fifty at the bottom of Park Street in Bristol. The place was buzzing and featured works from the likes of Jody, Inkie, Sickboy, Cheba, SPZero76, Loch Ness, Mick Hockney, Cheo, Khoi, Kid Zoom, Iain Sellar and Nakama to name a few. The new space and show are both sick and this will surely be a big a year for Weapon Of Choice, with many more great nights to come. The current group show is on until the 10th of May so you've got plenty of time to check it out for yourself if you didn't make it last night! Here are some flicks, in no particular order...

New location under Fifty Fifty on Park St, Bristol.



Loch Ness

Kid Zoom

Kid Zoom




Mick Hockney


Loch Ness & Dunks



Tim Miness


Iain Sellar

Iain Sellar


High Steaks Launch Night!
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New night launching in Bristol this Friday at Basement 45. Featuring the finest selections from our friends DJ TTB and Chamba, who are playing alongside the likes of Commix and Vicious Circle. Sure to be a wicked night so get on down folks!

Introducing Da Vinci Sound
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Da Vinci Sound is a dub roots & culture collective from Surrey. They have been running things for a while now and have seen many great singers and players join their ranks. Currently the group consists of vocals: Knati P, The General Santana, Sista M. Selectors & Studio: Little B, ThunderBall, Bones, Kashmir Sista M and Ambassador. The group has also been responsible for the reggae/dub/roots content on Kane FM. Treat your ear drums to this:


Loch Ness & SPZero76 paint MackDaddy's
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Some fresh work from Loch Ness and SPZero76 at Mack Daddy's on Gloucester Road in Bristol.


New Prints!
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We have lots of new prints in from Shaun Gordon and Loch Ness to feast your eyes on. These two artists never fail to supply us with colourful, weird and wonderful works. Here are a few examples, to see them all head on over to our shop. As always, these are high quality prints, limited runs, signed and numbered by the Artists.


Ewan Hoozami Sugar Tits Mix
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Big mix from Ewan Hoozami to accompany a fine Sunday evening! This Bristol DJ never disappoints. Showcasing his skills on the decks here with a great selection. Featuring a topical and perfectly executed Insane In The Brain / Charlie Sheen mash up for those that stick with it!

Ryan 'Skelly' Evans at UK Ramp Hire Warehouse

Footage of Ryan 'Skelly' Evans ripping it up at the UK Ramp Hire Warehouse in Bristol. These are his best bits from 2010. Featuring a guest appearance from George Burnham. Courtesy of our friends at Redlight Skateboarding.

Ewan Hoozami 247 Mix
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This is a mix Bristol based artist Ewan Hoozami did for 247 Magazine. It's too good not to share it further afield though! There's something for everyone in this mix. Here's the tracklist...

1) Ewan Hoozami - The Big Beat of Ewan Hoozami
2) Ewan Hoozami - Fuck You, Phantom!
3) Ewan Hoozami - Boom Bones
4) Ewan Hoozami - Motherfuckin Exodus
5) Addison Groove - Beetbang
6) Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
6) DJ DEND - Chill & Riot
7) Rory Hoy - Baby Likes it Phat
8) Telephunken Que Viva El Ritmo!!!
9) DJ Shepdog - Soundboy Bounce
10) Max Sedgeley - Sound Boy (Parker Remix)
11) Dreadsquad - Caravan (Turntable Dubbers UK Funky remix)
12) Dancefloor Outlaws - Simon Steals
13) Vinyl Life - Hi Tops (Cru Jones Remix)
14) Asbo - Americano Badman
15) Sublime - Doin' Time (Zed's Dead remix)
16) Vent - Shogun of The Dark
17) DJ Vadim - Soldier feat Bid Red & Snizza
18) Floored Capri - Record Breakers
19) Spooky - Murderer
20) Mustbeat Crew - The Pig Breaks
21) Makala - Boogaloo
22) The Correspondents - Ah Ha
23) George Lenton Vs Little Jeans - On Repeat
24) The Apples - Ani Ata Vehoo (Feat Shlomo Bar)
25) The Correspondents - Look What you Get
26) Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks

Girls On Top Spring Jam
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Here is Steadhead's piece from Girls On Top Spring Jam!


Say hello to Khoi, our newest friend! Khoi is a Bristol based street artist who likes to brighten up the dull city streets with his courful, friendly and heart warming characters. He enjoys using a range of different mediums to achieve the desired result, ensuring his work is always fresh. Khoi doesn't take his work too seriously, his main objective is to spread the love and have a ruddy good time doing it! You can spot his work around Bristol and further afield, just waiting to brighten up someone's day. Check out more work here

Introducing Benjamin One
tagged as news, hip hop, bristol, benjaminone

Introducing Benjamin One, a hip hop producer with a different take on the sound. He has supported the likes of Blackalicious, Edan, Anti Pop Consortium, Dimlite and many more. He was included on DJ Shadow's remix CD last year and is set for more big things this year! Definitely one to keep an ear on...

Loch Ness Prints
tagged as news, lochness, illustration, bristol, art

We have some new prints in from Bristol artist and illustrator, Loch Ness. These high quality A3 prints are limited to 100 and each is hand signed by the artist. His psychedlelic, funky and colourful work has gained him recognition both in Bristol and further afield. He also had a feature in Computer Arts Magazine this month.


Warehouse Footage 2011
tagged as uk ramp hire warehouse, skateboarding, redlightsb, news, bristol

With footage from the warehouse piling up, Redlight are putting it to good use by releasing weekly warehouse sessions for all to enjoy! This week we have a three-way section featuring skateboarding from Jason Lewer, Ian Devine and Channon Wallace.

Graham Acidic
tagged as shredstep, news, heavy metal dubstep, grahamacidic, dubstep, bristol

Graham Acidic is a producer and DJ from Bristol. He spreads his talents over many genres but focuses on his unique flavour of heavy metal dubstep. His recent releases have gained support from some big names in the industry such as the The Qemists, Dave The Drummer and Barbarix. He is a firm believer in recording his own samples from his surrounding environment rather than just using sample packs, which makes for a more personal and unique sound. 2011 is set to be a great year for him with new releases, exhibitions and music workshops lined up! Read and hear more here...


China Mike's First Bristol Solo Show

King Of Paint are very proud to present the first major solo exhibition by China Mike. At King Of Paint in Bristol, nestled between the Bearpit and Bristol Bus Station. The show starts from 7 and will not only feature the fantastic, surreal and colourful work of China Mike, but also DJs playing, exclusive China Mike prints and booze courtesy of Brothers cider. See you down there!

Introducing Stedhead

Stedhead A.K.A Megan Hindley is an illustrator and artist from the Isle of Man. She has had a love for drawing since a very early age. She has since completed a degree in illustration and worked with some big names including Goldie along the way. She is heavily influenced by the human form, which appears in almost all of her work in one way or another. She has some serious talent and we can't wait to see more from her in the coming year. Read and see more here.

tagged as underground, news, music,, dubstep, drum and bass, djttb

DJ TTB has been performing for over a decade, playing everywhere from full moon parties in Thailand to Matter and Glastonbury and alongside some of the biggest names in the game including the likes of LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Skream, Benga, Scratch Perverts, Breakage and Stanton Warriors. His tracks and sets never fail to get the crowd pumping. 2011 looks set to be a great year for TTB so keep your ears peeled! Here's one of his more recent tracks. Read more here.


Loch Ness Illustration
tagged as urban art, news, lochness, bristol, art, illustration

Loch Ness is a Bristol based illustrator and doodler. His work features psychedelic, quirky colourful monsters and scenes. Heavily influenced by comic book art, graffiti and music, 60s and psychedelic in particular, his work has been featured in Weapon Of Choice Gallery, Tobacco Factory, Bristol Urban Art Festival, and he takes part in live drawing at various club nights in Bristol including Dirty Old Town at Mr Wolfs.

Take a look at more of his work and more information here.

Introducing Ewan Hoozami
tagged as party, news, hip hop, funk, ewanhoozami, breaks

Today we welcome Ewan Hoozami into the Antidote fam. Not just a spectacular name, he actually makes some ruddy good music too! He produces and mixes a variety of styles ranging from hip hop, breaks and dnb to jazz, funk and dubstep. His refreshing variety, originality and undeniable skills are fast gaining him worldwide recognition. Here is one of our favourite mixes from him. Be sure to check his page for links to more tracks and mixes... http://www.antidotebristol.com/friends/ewanhoozami


Awkward 'Grand Prize' LP Launch
tagged as news, kig of paint, hip hop, graffiti, bristol, awkward

Be sure to get yourselves down to King Of Paint in Bristol this Friday for Awkward's 'Grand Prize' LP launch. Aside from some sick live hip hop from the likes of Benjamin One (True Thoughts), Sir Beans Obe, DJ Rogue and more, there will also be live art from Soker (ASK), 4ire and Awkward. And all for the reasonable sum of absolutely nothing! What better opportunity to check out this amazing little graffiti supplies store/gallery if you haven't already? It is tucked away in between the bear pit and Bristol Bus Station. From 7:30 - 11:00. See you there!

DJ Shadow - Blood On The Motorway (Remix)
tagged as news, dj shadow, chamba, blood on the motorway, 2step

Here's a tasty remix by Chamba. Bouncy garage beats, thick punchy basslines and a sample from a classic - what's not to like?


Prime Skatepark Edit
tagged as skateboarding, redlightsb, prime skatepark, plymouth, news

This video documents a days skating at Plymouth's Prime Skatepark from the boys at Redlight . Featuring the skateboarding of Leon Clark, Dan Lacey, Jay Kerwin and Matt the Whale. Thanks to all at Prime for a grand day out! Produced by Redlight Skateboarding/James Harris.

tagged as news, sale, eco clothing, hemp clothing, organic clothing

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

We are having a big sale to kick off 2011. We will be announcing new products soon too so keep your eyes peeled!

40% off all t-shirts until 17/01 Don't miss out!

Happy New Year!
tagged as uk ramp hire warehouse, skateboarding, redlightsb, news

What better way to start the new year than with some seriously sick footage from the UK Ramp Hire Warehouse!

Featuring the likes of Caradog Emanuel, Andy Coleman, Jason Lewer, Ryan Chamberlain, Owen Hopkins, Phil Parker, Pete Adams, Danny Jack, Skelly, Josh Arnott, Mark Pritchard, Fred Mansbridge, Dylan Hughes and many, many more.

Filmed & edited by James Harris

Happy Christmas!
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Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and new year! Here's a little Christmas edit from Redlight and Antidote. Filmed and produced by James Harris.

WIN Antidote gear!
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We're getting in the festive spirit by giving you lovely folk the chance to win Antidote goodies! Simply head on over to our facebook fan page, 'like' us, click 'Suggest to friends' underneath our logo on the left. Take a screenshot with all your friends selected, hit 'Send invitations' and then send the screenshot to win@antidotebristol.com - We have 3 Tees and 10 sticker packs to give away, winners announced next Monday. Good luck!

King Of Paint - New Graffiti Supplies Store!
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Bristol finally has a long awaited (and most definitely needed) dedicated independent graffiti supplies store! King of Paint is located in between the Bearpit and Bristol Bus Station on the lower level. They have a large selection of paints and markers and are still expanding their range. The shop (which doubles up as a gallery) is a thing of beauty in itself. They have gone all out with a tarmaced floor and decor to give it a nice urban feel, as well as graff covering the walls and a good range of works up for sale by the likes of 3Dom, Cheo, Haka, Inkie, Rowdy, Ziml, Soker, Mode2, 45 RPM, Max Gregor, and many more. It's definitely worth the trip down even if just to check out the art! They are open 10-6 during the week, 10-7 on Saturday, and 11-4 on Sunday. They have a new exhibition coming in February 2011 so watch out for that one!



Vital Minerals - 12 Inch Tales Photos
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A few photos from 12 inch tales on Wednesday night. Was a wicked night, real nice vibe and a good turn out. We can't wait for the next one! Big ups to the DJs, artists, all who came down and the Vital Minerals crew for putting so much effort in - it really showed! You would be hard pushed to find a better mid-week night anywhere that's for sure! Why not show some love and add them on facebook. See you in the new year!

Vital Minerals - Hip Hop Special!
tagged as vitalminerals, timbuk2, reggae, news, hip hop, dubstep, chamba, bristol, 12 inch tales

Vital Minerals are back for their final night of the year. This one is a hip hop special with DJ Cheeba headlining alongside other established and up and coming artists alike. Not only can you expect the very finest in musical delights but also live artwork from local graff artists 3DOM and HAKA. This is going to be sick, so if you're about in Bristol this Wednesday make sure you head down to Timbuk2 for good vibes and raw talent all night long!


Wednesday 24th November @ Timbuk2, Small St. Bristol  |  10pm - 3pm

£4 entry before midnight / £5 after

Double Vodka + any mixer only £2.50

Live graffiti and visuals.



Josh Arnott's Section from Prism

Here's Josh Arnott's part in Prism to remind us all of those warmer, longer and drier days... Filmed and produced by James Harris / Redlight. The full DVD is available to buy in our shop. Enjoy!

Shaun Gordon
tagged as news, shaun gordon, shaungordon, illustration, art

We are very proud to welcome Shaun Gordon to our friends page. Shaun's work is colourful, surreal, and animal heavy. Expect to be seeing more of it in the not too distant future! If you really can't wait though, you could also check him out on facebook or head on over to his blog.




Warehouse Edit by James Harris
tagged as warehouse, uk ramp hire, redlightsb, news, james harris, bristol

Sick edit by James Harris / Redlight featuring footage from the UK Ramp Hire warehouse.

Warehouse Edit from James Harris on Vimeo.

Vital Minerals presents 12 Inch Tales
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vital minerals flyer

Thanks to the success of previous nights 12inch Tales is now a solid fixture in the Bristol underground calendar. Along with their usual lively mix of hip hop, dubstep, reggae, drum and bass (and just about anything else) this month they bring the mighty MUTATED FORMS to the decks. Not only can you expect the very freshest in musical delights, but visuals and live graff from some of the very best local artists. Antidote will be there too showcasing our latest tees so be sure to bring some extra pocket money! This is the best thing to happen to Wednesdays in a long, long time!

You can catch the third installment on 27th October at Timbuk2 in Bristol and expect big tunes and good vibes on the last Wednesday of every month from here on in!
Facebook event

Add Vital Minerals on Facebook

To wet your appetites here is a new track by Chamba, part of Vital Minerals and playing on the night. Enjoy!

20% Off All Tees!
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We are offering 20% off all clothing until the end of October. Don't miss out!

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Here's a tasty little trailer for Prism. A full length skate film featuring some of the best talent from Bristol and the surrounding area. Filmed and produced by James Harris. It is now available to buy through our shop here. Enjoy!

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Hey everyone!

We are very proud to announce the launch of the Antidote website! We have also created a Twitter, Youtube profile, and a Facebook fan page. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us this far and helped spread the word about Antidote. On our website you will find all the latest news, interviews and content from us, and our friends including skaters, up and coming musicians, artists, photographers and the like. You will also find some downloadable content, exclusive offers and more! We will be bringing you further updates shortly with details of how to get some free stickers and a promotional code to save you money in our shop.

By 'liking' the fan page you will be kept up to date with all the latest happenings. You will also have access to special offers and have the chance to win some free gear!


Hempology 101
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Hemp production in the UK along with its many uses, keeping it local.